Dec 2014

In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful: the next phase


It has been well over a year and half now since I launched In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful, my motorcycle-adventure-cum-landscape-intervention project. Through it I have covered nearly 25,000 miles and have left 30 small gifts to strangers everywhere in the form of hand-embroidered art works, all around the United States and Mexico, for random folks to encounter and keep. I have had experiences too profound to describe verbally (as evidenced by how behind my blog is), but that I hope are better captured in the photographs found on the project's Facebook page. I have ridden through monsoons. Met total strangers who've saved my life. Crashed on several different dirt roads varying in length and intensity. And made a number of fantastic new friends, conversations with whom will stay with me for the rest of my days.

Since March 2013, I have made 25 new works based on those experiences, which have been shown in four exhibitions in New York, Mexico and California. I've given lectures at two universities, conducting a workshop for students at one of them. Articles have been written, the Facebook page is active and the project's audience is growing, confirming the need to keep it alive. Yes indeed... I have unfinished business to take care of.

Early next year I will head south again, this time much farther, as far as resources will allow, toward the bottom of the southern hemisphere. I will head back down through Mexico, into Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and with a little luck, across the Darien Gap into Columbia and beyond. I'll leave in my wake a trail of little pieces, embroidered with motorcycle body parts and bits of text describing observations I've collected so far on the journey... small bits of humanity intended to coincide with the lives of total strangers, those with cultures and languages different from my own.

Once again, I'll need all the help I can get my hands on. I'll need to connect with as many other kind faces as possible, anyone who can offer a bed, route advice or a garage floor where I might change my bike's oil. (I'll be bringing my haircutting shears in order to barter for rooms or meals - I was a salon pro for 10 years, so I may as well put those skills to work!) And yes, I'm going to need lots of cash.

I will spend the next 3 months preparing for this, laying out a long-overdue book and making multiple editions of art works in order to raise money for In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful 2015. There will be watercolors and prints, the book, and if time allows perhaps even t-shirts, that I will sell to raise cash for this project. These will be made and shipped before I leave! Stay tuned to this space, and/or be sure to "like" the Facebook page for all the nuggets of info as they arise. And, feel free to check out the Available Work page to see what you can score now, in time for the holidays.

For now, I wish you all a warm and peaceful closing to the end of your year.

Besos y abrazos,