Jan 2013

an upcoming residency begets an epic life change!!


A few months ago, I was invited by the most honorable Mr. Bernard Leibov to do an artist residency at BoxoPROJECTS, a fledgling program in Joshua Tree, CA, dedicated to bringing contemporary art to the "new frontier" as he describes it.

This would mean:
  • Leaving NYC for 2 and a half months.
  • Quitting the job I've worked full time for over 6 years
  • Taking off on a dream-like epic journey by motorcycle across the country and back, alone. No comfortable apartment with secure garage. No dog. No boyfriend to bail me out of tough situations (including loneliness).

I said "yes" without even thinking about it.

This April, under the guise of a project I'm calling, a flight in search of the frightening and beautiful, I will ride my motorbike down south and across the TX, NM, AZ and CA deserts to Joshua Tree, stay for a month, and return by a northern route from San Francisco up across the northern Rockies. Along the way, I will visit sites I find deeply fascinating, beautiful, and/or disturbing, sites in the landscape that exhibit dramatic transformations as a result of some man-made action done in the name of art, science or "progress". I plan on collecting evidence of these places - texts, artifacts or other memorabilia - and in exchange, I will leave behind a small "piece" of myself in the form of a body part or bike part, rendered in thread and tacked to gates or dropped in the dirt for anyone to encounter, take and keep. The project blog's URL (http://thefrighteningandbeautiful.blogspot.com) will be sewn to each piece to enable finders to get more info and to follow the project and its trail of breadcrumbs.

While in Joshua Tree, whose environs are rife with all kinds of fantastically beautiful manmade interventions (abandoned mines, water diversion pumps, toxic waste dump sites and site-specific sculptures), I will make a series of embroidered studies: layered compositions integrating images and information I encounter onsite and on the road. Eventually these will lead to a series of embroidered works much larger in scope and scale.

Of course I am going to have to raise (forgive me) a shit-pile of money to do this, to pay for gas, food, random bike repairs, and the NYC metro-area rent that still must be paid while I'm gone. So I do hope you all will bear with me as I hit you up for nickels and dimes in a soon-to-be-announced crowd funding campaign. There will be some nice little perks (including original artworks for big bucks) and I plan on updating the blog as frequently as possible with stories, pictures and GPS tracks to keep folks apprised of my comings and goings.