Mar 2016

ISFB back in the USA and in residence at Cherryhurst House


Yup. We did it.

Through miracles, extreme generosity and a lot of hard work,In Search of the Frightening & Beautiful made it to Argentina. 10 months. 14 countries. And more new images, stories and new relationships than I can currently wrap my mind around.

Through the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015, a book was made and planning was done to get the project back on the road. Then in January last year, Cherryhurst House, a new artist residency and exhibition space in Houston, appeared on my horizon. Through the acquisition of my piece Triumph and an invitation to reside and make new art work in there 2016, they provided not only most of the funding for the journey, but a safe landing spot and the space and time I'll need to consider what it all means and figure out how to move forward.

This means lots of new art work. An exhibition at CH in September. And many opportunities to create, write, discuss, collaborate and connect to anyone who wants to know. It's exciting.

This spring there will be many opportunities for folks to kick back, enjoy a beverage and to get to know more about In Search of the Frightening & Beautiful and Cherryhurst House. A participating venue in the Houston photography biennial FotoFest International, CH is throwing its doors wide open through new regular open hours and special evening soirées. Photo-based work by Barbara Levine/Project B and Daniela Edburg will be on view, as I conduct informal studio tours and show images from my journey through the Americas.

So come on down! We want to meet you. There are many stories to tell..