Introducing "Artificial Heart": hand-embroidered, wearable works of art


Artificial Heart is a new, somewhat experimental clothing line and customization service, defined so far by classy secondhand clothes embellished with the hand-embroidered mechanical bits and pieces I so often use in my artwork. The goal: to create a sustainable, mobile, and highly enjoyable way to make a living while producing accessible art works that will be seen everywhere!

For me, the term "Artificial Heart" signifies both the mechanical and the life-giving. Its precision beats pump out vital fluids throughout the body, mixing blood and oxygen, as a carburetor feeds exact mixtures of air and fuel into the rapidly-firing pistons of an engine. Form and function are united...which is the spirit I hope to explore in these hand-sewn pieces.

I begin by saving gently used, well-constructed pieces of clothing from the landfill, selecting them based on their simplicity and uniqueness. Each piece is paired with an equally distinctive embroidery design - one that emphasizes or contrasts with the garment's special character. The design is then stitched to the piece by hand, a process that can take several hours... and the end result is worth the effort!

Take a look at Artificial Heart's web page. If you see something you like, or if you already have a special piece of clothing you'd like embroidered, get in touch - the holidays are upon us!


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