in progress: t-shirt design for The Badger - Made in Trenton

badgerdrawing1For the last month or two, my boyfriend Drue Pennella, co-founder of a new media company called Pure Motion Pictures, has been working on a documentary called The Badger: Made in Trenton. This is the story of a man who has obsessively taken on the task of creating a speed demon out of a particular brand of motorcycle better known for its clunky, utilitarian character (and frankly, for its lack of reliability). Appropriately enough, this is a film without a budget, which Drue, his partner and a small number of devoted friends have been working on in between full-time jobs and various paying gigs - necessitating the need for a crowd funding campaign to raise the bare essentials…

…which is where these t-shirts come in. Artificial Heart is a name and concept I've had in my head for a good year now. It's a line of clothing and accessories I hope to gradually build into a brand that will meld art project ideas with accessible, affordable, wearable pieces. It's in its earliest developmental stages… and "The Badger" has provided me the opportunity to make my first limited edition collection, as a "perk" for those who contribute $100 or more to the campaign.

These are some early sketches and source materials… I expect to have the shirts designed and printed by mid-December, fingers crossed.



Meanwhile, for a little taste of the film, check out this teaser, and stay tuned…