Introducing "Artificial Heart": hand-embroidered, wearable works of art


Artificial Heart is a new, somewhat experimental clothing line and customization service, defined so far by classy secondhand clothes embellished with the hand-embroidered mechanical bits and pieces I so often use in my artwork. The goal: to create a sustainable, mobile, and highly enjoyable way to make a living while producing accessible art works that will be seen everywhere!

For me, the term "Artificial Heart" signifies both the mechanical and the life-giving. Its precision beats pump out vital fluids throughout the body, mixing blood and oxygen, as a carburetor feeds exact mixtures of air and fuel into the rapidly-firing pistons of an engine. Form and function are united...which is the spirit I hope to explore in these hand-sewn pieces.

I begin by saving gently used, well-constructed pieces of clothing from the landfill, selecting them based on their simplicity and uniqueness. Each piece is paired with an equally distinctive embroidery design - one that emphasizes or contrasts with the garment's special character. The design is then stitched to the piece by hand, a process that can take several hours... and the end result is worth the effort!

Take a look at Artificial Heart's web page. If you see something you like, or if you already have a special piece of clothing you'd like embroidered, get in touch - the holidays are upon us!


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"Mapping the Unfamiliar" now open in New York


Mapping the Unfamiliar
421 Hudson Street #701
New York, NY 10014

On view through November 15
Gallery hours: Th-Sun 12-6

This past weekend, the BoxoHOUSE artist-in-residence survey show, Mapping the Unfamiliar, opened to the public in New York City with a fantastic turnout. All works on view have been created via the BoxoHOUSE residency program in Joshua Tree, CA, during its 2013 season. I am honored to be showing alongside William Lamson, Steed Taylor, Saul Melman, David Goodman and Megan Wilson, all of whom are incredibly talented and dedicated artists.

For Mapping the Unfamiliar I spent the summer working on several new pieces begun while in residence at BoxoHOUSE. The most ambitious of these is Triumph, a 69 x 76-inch single panel embroidery which is by far the largest of my career so far. Be sure to stop by BoxoOFFICE and take a look! On view through November 15, 2013.

a blast from the past via lark's eye view

A couple of weeks after installing suck squeeze bang blow, I received a lovely email from an old Austin-based colleague of mine, with whom I used to show work in a roaming artist group called Ars Ipsa. She was kind enough to write some words about my current work in her new blog Lark's Eye View. To read the review, click here.

suck squeeze bang blow opens May 10 at Kesting/Ray in NYC

…opening reception 7-9pm, 20 grand st in soho… see you there...

suck squeeze bang blow one of ARTINFO's Weekly Picks

…big thanks to Alanna Martinez!…

Big, Red & Shiny reviews Invested Landscape

Click here to check out John Pyper's review of this fabulous Boston-area group show. Read More...

Invested Landscape on view Sept 7-22 in Somerville, MA

Observations, my series of hand-embroidered text poems, will be featured in this group show that opens next week. INVESTED LANDSCAPE: LANDSCAPES THROUGH A DIFFRACTING LENS promises to be a great show, including artists who engage in innovative practices to explore relationships between humanity and the environment. On view September 7 - 22, 2012. If you're in the area, I hope you'll take a look!